Maya Bay

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Maya Bay is a stunningly beautiful beach that’s shielded by 100-meter high cliffs on three sides and can only be assessed by private yacht charter from Phuket or Krabi or by join in boat tours that operate from Phi Phi Don, Phuket and mainland Krabi. It is situated on the smaller of the 2 Phi Phi islands called Koh Phi Phi Leh. The beauty of this beach was shared with the world in the Leonardo Di Caprio starring Hollywood blockbuster film, titled very appropriately, “The Beach”. The beach at Maya Bay cannot be reached directly on larger boats due to shallow waters and coral and larger boats must use smaller dingy boats to transfer guests to the beach. However smaller speedboats access the beach directly due to their shallow draft. Phi Phi Leh has been declared a protected marine national park and a small fee is applicable when visiting this island. The entire island is un-inhabited and therefore devoid of human development. The beach itself has silky soft, powder-like white sand and is surrounded by crystal clear waters, colorful coral and exotic fish. The whole bay forms one big reef teeming with amazing underwater life. The snorkeling and diving here are excellent, there are large underwater boulders with plenty of vibrant coloured coral and fish normally only seen in aquariums. Kayaking is another activity to be enjoyed at Maya bay as you access the other hidden beaches. And for the adventurous, there’s also cliff jumping that gets the adrenaline rushing. The best time to visit Maya Bay is between November and April during the high season when seas are calm and access to the bay is easy. Rough seas from May to October may hinder access but rarely deny entry.


Asia's top cruising destination
Stunning lime stone rock towering out of the sea
Tiny islands with sand bars, great beach & snorkeling
Pristine beaches & coves, amazing scenery & snorkeling
Magical calm bay, stunning limestone formations
Great snorkeling, nice beaches, not far from Phuket
Close to Phuket, great beach, lots of beach activities
Less crowded, uninhabited, great beaches & snorkeling
Unexplored, uninhabited, incredible beaches, snorkeling

Tourism Authority of Thailand License No. 34/00176