Jabudays lets one experience the zenith of luxury when cruising in Phuket

The word Jabu means happiness in Swahili.  With Jabudays you can rest assured that it will be the only word you can think of. Whatever the occasion Jabudays ensures that its guests walk off with a smile at the end of the cruise

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Charter your own destination

What makes Jabudays different from any other cruise operator is that they go that extra mile to make your experience a truly memorable one.

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Cruise in Style!

I have had the pleasure of cruising with the Jabudays crew on a few occasions and I cannot recommend the experience enough! The yacht is beautiful, and the crew take care of absolutely everything with style and flair. Jabudays are truly a memorable– cruising around the amazing scenery of Phang Nga, with wonderful food, drinks flowing, great tunes, swimming, and dancing. This is THE way to explore Phang Nga- in luxury and away from the crowds of tourists. HIGHLY recommended!

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missamyc, Phuket, Thailand

The Highlight of an already amazing honeymoon!

We took 50 of our nearest and dearest friends on honeymoon with us (as we had a tiny wedding in Sydney) for a day trip to Phang Nga Bay. From the moment we were met by the mini buses at our hotel, we knew we were in good hands. Not only are they extremely professional but they are incredibly accommodating. From the beginning when I was e-mailing Vishal on the details, they have been excellent in communicating and in their suggestions to make this day the best it could be. We literally had the time of our lives dancing all day in the sun, jumping off the boat into warm crystal waters, eating the most gorgeous food, kayaking through stunning limestone caves… It is what life is about. All of our friends say it was the best day of their lives. (me included and I had just had my wedding day! so that says A LOT)

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MissJones76, Sydney, Australia

Jabudays & Jabunights

Fortunate enough to experience New Years on Jabudays last year and it was easily one of the better experiences we had in Phuket. The crew was exceptional and there was something nostalgic about being on a wooden sailboat, with all the luxuries and none of the pretence. We usually avoid anything considered touristy on our travels but this was just a solid outing with good friends, great party and scenery unlike any you’d to see in the world.

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Isaotasaka, Bangkok, Thailand

Always Jabu!

My husband and I are great lovers of everything Thai and are in the country every year. A day trip with Jabu is a must for us to complete the experience in Phuket. On our first trip it was my husband’s 30th birthday and we spent the day drinking champagne, dancing on the gorgeous wooden deck and snorkeling in the clear blue waters. We were so happy with our experience that we came back with a large group for my mother in laws 60th birthday and rented the boat for ourselves. Once again, we spent a blissful day getting massages on deck (arranged on special request), eating sumptuous Thai food, drinking fruity cocktails made by an enthusiastic bartender and watching the beautiful sun set over Phuket. The crew is always very friendly and their aim is to make every trip THE most memorable and enjoyable. And as the food, alcohol, service and scenery are a constant, it pretty much makes Jabu a sure shot bet for a great experience. Waiting for my next trip!

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SunandaKashyap, New Delhi, India

The boat that rocks

There are days on a boat and then there are Jabudays – the two should not be confused.

The recipe for a great day out is perfect; from the food to the music to the friendly and relaxed staff. The Jabutica itself is a beautiful boat as is the scenery and the overall effect is an unforgettable experience. Highly recommended!

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whipflash, Bordeaux, France

Most Memorable Day

I didn’t really know what to expect as while traveling through Thailand I had begun to realize that not everything you sign up for ends up being the experience that you think you are signing up for. Jabudays exceeded my expectations in so many ways and out of the 3 weeks that I spent in Thailand it was one of my most memorable experiences while traveling there. This is a definite MUST DO while in Thailand and I would recommend this experience to ANYONE young or old…couples or single…. business or pleasure. This would be a great team building experience or to hold any type of event.

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Nic M, Surrey, Canada

Awesome day out on the water with all our mates

We booked Jabudays for 50 of our friends and family the day before we got married and it was such a great day! A big beautiful boat and sunny blue skies, just sailing around the spectacular Phang Nga Bay – what more could you ask for? The food was delicious and plentiful. We made a couple of stops to jump off and have a swim too, all capped off with a stunning sunset before heading home.

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heihil, Sydney, Australia

Great Phuket Sailing Experience!

I recently came back from a vacation in Phuket and was told by a friend to book a private overnight sailing trip through for five of my friends that I was vacationing with. This has to be among the best travel advice I received because I had a great experience! All in all, I would highly recommend this trip to any tourists that would like a very personalized experience through the islands of Phuket. The staff was extremely helpful and friendly throughout the trip and we really couldn’t have asked for anything more from the experience!

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as392, Philadelphia

The best cruise!

This is the best cruise you can have in Phuket & surroundings: I have been twice and both times had an amazing time. The food is delicious, the service is great. The atmosphere is always wonderful – great music gets played during the trips to help with that too – and the itineraries are really something special. I have been for the one-day trip to Phang Nga Bay and a multi-day trip to Phi Phi Islands: in one-word WOW! Extremely professional and friendly owners & staff, very experienced and knowledgeable make a day out on Jabudays the best it can be.

Cannot recommend it highly enough!

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WanderingLisa, Arezzo, Italy