Khai Islands

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Located off the East Coast of Phuket, these small islands of Koh Khai Nok, Koh Khai Nai and Koh Khai Nui are home to some of the best snorkeling spots near Phuket and are only accessible via private yacht charter or on a join in boat tour from Phuket. These islands can easily be part of most of your itineraries if you rent a yacht from Jabudays or join in on one of our boat tours to some of these islands. Due to their close proximity to Phuket these islands are extremely popular with tourists. These islands are so pretty and so close to Phuket that they are usually the first on the list of islands to visit. Khai Islands are perfect to experience pristine beaches and crystal-clear azure waters that surround these islands. The beaches here are perfect for swimming as their warm shallow waters are teeming with marine life and there’s so much to see while snorkeling. Aside from their white sand beach and tree-covered rocks, the surrounding gem-like turquoise waters entice even kids as schools of colorful tropical fish flock right up to the shore which make it a perfect photo opportunity. The abundance of marine life is so tempting that snorkeling here is a must. There are at least twelve types of exotic tropical fish here that are not afraid of humans. Swimming is a lot more fun especially in the company of dazzling fish


Asia's top cruising destination
Stunning lime stone rock towering out of the sea
THE most stunning beach from the movie "The Beach"
Pristine beaches & coves, amazing scenery & snorkeling
Magical calm bay, stunning limestone formations
Great snorkeling, nice beaches, not far from Phuket
Close to Phuket, great beach, lots of beach activities
Less crowded, uninhabited, great beaches & snorkeling
Unexplored, uninhabited, incredible beaches, snorkeling

Tourism Authority of Thailand License No. 34/00176