Jabudays set to launch in Samui, Pattaya & Krabi

Jabudays Yacht Charters & Cruises after 10 years of operations in Phuket are set to launch in new destinations across Thailand. Jabudays will soon commence services in Samui, Pattaya and Krabi making it the first yacht charter company in Thailand to operate across most major cruising destinations of the country.  Now guests can expect the same level of service that Jabudays is synonymous with when they charter a boat not just in Phuket but also in Koh Samui, Pattaya and Krabi.  Tourists visiting these destinations will now have better yacht charter and join in cruise options to choose from as Jabudays Yacht Charters & Cruises will force other operators in these destinations to up their game as Jabudays won’t settle for less. Jabudays are known to provide quality service and will aim to bring these service levels to guests wanting to charter a yacht or rent a boat in these new destinations.

The team at Jabudays are very excited about launching Jabudays Yacht Charter and Join in Boat Tours in Koh Samui, Pattaya and Krabi as each of these destinations have something unique to offer.  Jabudays will bring this unique flavor of each of these destinations to its guests through its innovative yacht charter program itineraries, delicious local cuisine & activities as well as the stunning cruise destinations that these new destinations offer.  Besides offering yacht charter, boat rental, join in boat tours Jabudays will also offer its much sought-after event services in these destinations.  Jabudays is the only company across Thailand to specialize in planning and organizing events onboard yachts or at pristine island beaches and exotic tropical island resorts.  Events organized by Jabudays include weddings, birthday & anniversary parties, bachelor & hens’ parties, corporate events such as team building programs, incentive programs, gala dinners and company parties and all of these will also be offered in the new destinations of Koh Samui, Pattaya and Krabi.  Besides these events Jabudays also offers water sports adventure cruises, spa cruises and island-hopping cruises to its guests. Stay tuned for more information on exact launch dates, programs, yachts, join in boat tours and more and be sure to visit www.jabudays.com for latest updates.  Be the first to experience not just any ordinary day but an epic Jabuday!

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