Jabudays Launches Its New Website

Jabudays Launches New Website


Jabudays, Thailand’s most exciting Yacht Charter Company offering yacht charter services in Phuket and soon in Koh Samui, Pattaya and Krabi launches its new website. For almost a decade now, Jabudays has been the premier yacht rental company based in Phuket and also the only company that specializes in events held onboard yachts, boat or at secluded island beaches. The new website has been designed keeping the end user in mind as some of the new features will offer users far better insights into yacht selection, information about cruise destinations and program options allowing users to easily identify the best yacht / boat, program or destination for them.  To rent a boat or charter a yacht in Phuket, Koh Samui, Pattaya and Krabi can be a daunting task especially for those that have no idea about boats & yachts.  Jabudays new website supports a fresh new-age contemporary look with far easier navigation offering users more information at their fingertips allowing for better and faster decisions.

A new search function added to the website allows users to now easily search and filter through numerous yachts further helping them make the right choice and much faster.  Search filters include destination, price and capacity.  Jabudays yacht charter fleet has also been expanded and will include over 50 yachts and boats just in Phuket by the end of 2017 offering Jabudays clients a far wider selection of yachts to choose from.  Besides these another 50 yachts / boats are being added from other destinations of Thailand including Koh Samui, Pattaya and Krabi.  Other functions offered in Jabudays new website will include a yacht compare function allowing users to compare various options easily, an instant quote function that will provide users with a price immediately so they don’t have to wait in order to make up their mind and a live chat feature for a 2 way and more instant communication with customers to help satisfy their queries faster.  Besides these functions the Jabudays new website will also offer users a lot more information about various cruising destinations that are nearby the more well-known main destinations so customers know what to expect and are not surprised on the day of the cruise.   Another addition to the plethora of information offered by Jabudays on yacht charters is the standardized program options that are offered across all destinations of Thailand.  These programs have been specifically designed keeping the guests best use of time and comfort in mind.  Enjoy browsing through the new and improved Jabudays website and lookout for exciting offers and discounts.

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