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Phang Nga Bay located to the east of Phuket is one of the most scenic cruising grounds around Phuket that can only be accessed by a private boat charter or by a join in boat trip to Phang Nga Bay. Since 1981, parts of the bay have been protected as part of the Ao Phang Nga National Park to conserve its natural beauty and the park rangers here charge a small fees to experience this amazing bay. There are many islands within the bay that have limestone cliffs with caves, collapsed cave systems and archaeological sites. Majestic limestone formations are a sight to behold as they magically rise and float above the surrounding emerald waters. These limestone cliffs create a picturesque background for those perfect pictures. The area is surrounded by stunning views, and it attracts visitors to come and explore further. Visitors will discover native wildlife, pristine rivers, some of the most interesting caves to explore as well as diverse cultures that co-exist in the local communities.

This national park is home to the shallow marine waters and forested wetlands, it also comprises over 28 species of mangrove. These mangroves areas are made up of coral reefs and sea grass beds. Visitors can view numerous species of birds, fish, amphibians, reptiles, and mammals. Among them are the black finless porpoise, the endangered serow, and the white-hand gibbon. Many of these species are endangered or globally threatened and their protection is a priority for the National Park Authorities. Phang Nga Bay includes a number of islands within the bay, some of the most well know ones are James Bond Island named after the after the lead character in the Hollywood blockbuster, “The Man with the Golden Gun” in which the needle formed limestone rock was featured. The bay also appeared in “Star Wars: Episode lll – Revenge of the Sith” as the backdrop for planet Kashyyyk. Besides James Bond Island the other islands of importance here are Koh Hong and Penak island where you can kayak through the shallow sea caves and find hidden lagoons. There is also an 18th century settlement of Indonesian fishermen community that live on a floating village called Koh Panyee. This village also boasts of a floating football pitch which is one of its kind.

Most of the islands in Phang Nga Bay are uninhabited with caves and within some of these caves have well-preserved ancient paintings on the rock walls. You can reach these cave by a sea kayak and get a glimpse of the past. Kayaking is indeed the best way to explore these caves, hidden rivers and lagoons. Cruising in Phang Nga Bay in a charter boat is a great way to experience the beauty this magical bay has to offer. Another great characteristic of this bay is that the water here remains calm almost throughout the year and even during the wet season Phang Nga Bay is easily accessible by private yacht charter or join in boat tours from Phuket. For those who like being in the water, Phang Nga Bay is a great place to swim though checking the currents before getting in is advisable. The Bay offers emerald green waters however there is no snorkeling in the area. The limestone formations are great for budding rock climbers as well. All in all, Phang Nga Bay is a truly magical bay which offers stunning sunsets from onboard that perfect yacht chartered from Jabudays.


Asia's top cruising destination
Stunning lime stone rock towering out of the sea
Tiny islands with sand bars, great beach & snorkeling
THE most stunning beach from the movie "The Beach"
Pristine beaches & coves, amazing scenery & snorkeling
Great snorkeling, nice beaches, not far from Phuket
Close to Phuket, great beach, lots of beach activities
Less crowded, uninhabited, great beaches & snorkeling
Unexplored, uninhabited, incredible beaches, snorkeling

Tourism Authority of Thailand License No. 34/00176